Reed & Scardino Managing Partner Todd Reed – Austin’s Fittest Lawyer

Todd Reed. the Managing Partner at the Austin-based law firm Reed & Scardino LLP, was recently profiled by Fit Company (, as one of Austin’s Fittest Lawyers. What follows is an interview with Reed, whose firm specializes in Intellectual Property, Commercial Real Estate and Litigation.

Question: Why do you make time to live fit?

Answer: I have always lived a fit lifestyle – since high school. It’s about making it a priority and daily ritual, and about having balance.

Q: Give your top 2 reasons how living fit helps you be a successful lawyer?

A: Exercise releases stress and gives me the chance to think about our business with clarity. Second, I really enjoy meeting new people who share my love for cycling and running. They often become great clients, as well.

Q: Describe your weekly workout routine?

A: Start with the Weekend! On Saturdays, I take my sons Off-Road Biking with Boneshaker Project ( On Sundays, Boneshaker hosts 40-50 mi road rides. Mondays: weights; Tuesdays: Track Workout; Thursdays: Yoga (if I can!) Fridays: Early Morning Road Ride.Todd

Q: What do you do to promote fitness and health within your company or to your clients?

A: I am the Managing Director of the firm (, so attorneys, staff and clients are all looking to me for leadership and setting a good example. Additionally, I am the Chairman of Boneshaker Project, which has as its mission to give kids the chance to feel physically strong from an early age. We promote fit, healthy lifestyles!

Q: What’s one interesting item you always keep in your gym bag?

A: Extra tubes for my bike.

Q: What do you use to get motivated before a tough workout?

A: Lots of strong coffee!

Q: What’s the workout you hate the most?

A: I don’t hate any workouts!

Q: What’s the toughest workout you’ve done this past month?

A: On the bike, trying to keep up with Heath Blackgrove and Logan Hutchings of Elbowz Elite Racing on their rest day!

Q: Give us one fitness accomplishment you want to achieve in the next 10 years?

A: Ride some mountain stages featured in the Tour de France.

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