When Female Lawyers in Higher Ed Enable Abusers of Women

As someone who publishes several sports law periodicals, including one about the legal side of collegiate athletics, I am privy to a lot of stories that never see the light of print.

Take this one, for example.

A male coach of a female team at a major university verbally and physically abuses his players. He does this for years. But because he wins, some look the other way. One of the girls has to have surgery because of the physical abuse, effectively ending her season. The players ultimately ask for relief from the athletic director. While the AD recognizes that it is time for the coach to go, the top lawyer at the institution, a female, fights it all the way because of a personal friendship she has with the coach. The coach gets the dismissal couched as a retirement. He gets a golden parachute. Years later, he is brought back to serve on an influential committee at the major university and take a semi-active role in athletics – all because of the actions of his sanctimonious protector.

The coach may not have gotten what he deserves, but let’s hope the lawyer does.

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