New Firm Focuses on Meeting the Legal Needs of Doctors

Austinite Amanda Hill has launched a new law firm,, that provides outsourced general counsel work to healthcare groups, including help with audits, peer review, contracts and daily legal issues that come up in a practice.Amanda

Hill said her firm places a special emphasis on meeting the legal needs of doctors, a profession that is highly vulnerable to costly mistakes. “One slipup on an audit, security breach, or a business deal and they can lose everything,” Hill said.

She added that the industry “is highly regulated, highly audited, and a highly risky thing to tackle without help.  I’ve found that physician practices use a variety of different attorneys depending on the issue at hand. But there’s not a lot of coordination, and it’s very reactive.”

To counteract that, Hill created a different business model.  Instead of just hourly billing, Hill Law offers a flat-rate service for physician practices as well as federally qualified heath centers (FQHCs).

“The traditional law firm encourages attorneys to bill, bill, bill, and it creates an environment where the attorney isn’t part of the team,” Hill said.  She wanted to change that dynamic, making herself part of the group, where providers could call about a variety of issues and have a clear expectation of cost from month to month.

“There are so many issues a physician practice faces on a daily basis,” Hill said.  “From firing a key staff member to billing and coding concerns, there’s always something that pops up where having a health lawyer on their side is a real plus.”

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