Austin Coach Works with Women to Help Them Develop Their Unique Internal Masculine Expression in the Workplace

Catherine Logan is a researcher first and a coach second. That focus has enabled her to become one of Austin’s leading authorities when it comes to helping women balance their masculine and feminine personas in a professional setting, such as a law firm.

Oftentimes, female lawyers can project more masculine energy in order to be competitive with other male lawyers.  There is an art to learning how to fine tune her masculine energy in collaboration with her strong feminine qualities. Catherine

We sought out Logan, who founded Logan Integration (, for a better understanding about important issue.

Question: Are men all masculine and women all feminine?

Answer: Women have an internal masculine and men have an internal feminine. Take a woman, for example. The health of her internal masculine will determine how well she asserts, maintains boundaries and feels comfortable going after what she wants. Just as with a man, the health of his internal feminine will determine how comfortable he is with trusting his intuition, nurturing those he loves and being reflective about his deepest values.

Q: Can a woman cultivate her masculine side?

A: Having worked for several decades with female professionals and their internal masculine, I have seen a pattern of women not being consciously aware of their internal masculine and how it functions on a daily basis. Often as a young girl they modeled, by default, the masculine traits of their Dad. As they became older, it will be the partner.  I often use the analogy of weight training and the development of muscle. It is a rare women who chooses to shape the musculature of her internal masculine in an proactive way. If she could create a masculine energy that embraced all the qualities she admired in a man, what might that look like?  I would call that the evolved masculine.

Q: As an attorney in a law firm, are there times when a woman needs to project her masculine side?

A: As an attorney, women often have to lead with their internal masculine. It can be patriarchal male energy, which views things in a linear and often inflexible way.  At the end of the day when it is time to decompress, generally a woman will drink alcohol or watch TV.  If she is fortunate enough to have a partner who has strong masculine energy, the polarity of that may be enough to soften the women’s internal masculine and engage her feminine qualities. One of my greatest passions has been to teach women how to unwind their internal masculine energy with their own nurturing resources so they are not dependent on external factors.

Q: Are there tools you can use to accomplish that?

A: The best tool I have found is to get to know the difference between your internal masculine and feminine energy. I have developed a diagnostic tool that teaches a woman how to navigate her unique dynamic. Often there are qualities in both the masculine and feminine aspects that once a woman sees them, she may choose to shift.

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