Austin Coach Works with Women to Help Them Develop Their Unique Internal Masculine Expression in the Workplace

Catherine Logan is a researcher first and a coach second. That focus has enabled her to become one of Austin’s leading authorities when it comes to helping women balance their masculine and feminine personas in a professional setting, such as … Continue reading

Phillips Capitalizes on Opportunities to Become a Legal Expert in the Payments Industry

Like any attorney fresh out of law school, Chris Phillips didn’t know quite what to expect when he joined Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis in 2003. What he did know was that the Nashville-based firm was pairing him with a … Continue reading

A Success in Texas, Austin Attorney Takes His Practice National

For years, Fletcher Brown was one of the Texas legal community’s best-kept secrets. Whether he was working with a small, rural health clinic in West Texas or a mega-hospital in Houston, Brown had a way of meeting and exceeding the … Continue reading

Austin Attorneys Take Note of Shifting Sands of the Legal Profession and the Consequences

Erik Antener’s clients understand that there are no guarantees any more in the legal profession. Law firms dissolve. New opportunities arise. Health problems emerge. Each of these events and many others have financial consequences that must be considered. This is … Continue reading